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Open 1st March until end of November. Open 1st March until end of November. All four lakes are heavily stocked with coarse fish, three of them have Carp over 25lb, Tench, Rudd, Roach and Perch being the prominent species. The other lake is ideal for match and pole fishing. All the lakes are in pleasant landscaped surroundings. Day tickets available from the Tackle Shop and on Bankside

Weekley tickets & seasonal tickets available from reception or tackle shop.


The tackle shop is well stocked with a good selection of baits. We stock most tackle that any angler would require for a days fishing or a holiday stay.

aerial photo of Sycamore Lakes

Aerial photo of Sycamore Lakes


Island Lake This lake has many features, one of which is an island on the south end of the lake. The mature pine trees are good for shade or shelter in both summer and winter. This can be fished by crossing a renovated railway bridge (originally from Willoughby, another local village).
Specimen Lake Two and half acres water, 6ft depth. Rectangular expanse of water, favoured method of fishing here is ledgering. Tree lined banks on the east side, cool & shaded in the early mornings, but can be a sun trap when the sun moves around by midday.
Roadside Lake The majority of this lake is easily accessible. Only the north side has slightly steep banks but between the large willows there are a few excellent pegs mainly used by float fishermen (heavy elastic advisable). The size of the lake can be misleading, this lake also has many large fish.
Woodland Lake Two acres of water, 8ft - 9ft depth, sloping off to 2ft near the shallows. This lake is slightly deeper water with a small central island. The island has a 1m shelf all around it, with an accurate cast or a long pole section here can have a good day tench and carp fishing.

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